Sunday, 14 October 2012

Flash Card Challenge!

The flash card was developed by a US Stampin' Up Demonstrator called Connie Stewart, you will find her video explaining this on you tube here. Her concept is very simple, she cuts card into pieces so when she wants to make a card in a flash she just needs to take out a piece of neutral and a piece of coloured card along with half a sheet of A4 card for the base, adds some stamping, punching etc and hey presto.
It's a great idea because it makes 
I have adapted her template into metric, so to make your flash card pieces take:
1 A4 Coloured Card Stock,
·         Trim down to 21cm x 28cm – keep the left over to use on your flash cards
·         Cut in half (at 10.5cm) then cut each strip every 7cm.
·         You will end up with eight 10.5cm x 7cm pieces (and a 21cm x 1.7cm strip)
1 A4 Neutral Card Stock, e.g. very vanilla or whisper white.
·         Trim down to 20cm x 26cm – keep left overs
·         Cut in half at 10cm then cut each strip every 6.5cm
·         You will end up with eight 10cm x 6.5cm a 21cm x 3.9cm and a 26cm x 1xm piece.
Card base is half A4 card (you can cut it in half length ways or width ways.
Each time Connie makes a flash card she uses a piece of coloured card, neutral card and a card base (1/2 sheet of A4 card).
I gave my stampers 5 a flash card challenge kit this month. This is the kit I gave them, (it included a bonus piece of DSP and 2 extra pieces of very vanilla). The challenge is to make 6 cards using the kit, their stamp sets, inks, punches etc, they are allowed to add embellishments such as ribbon and brads etc but must not use any more card or DSP.
If you would like to join in Here are the instructions containing a list of what the kit contains and hints and tips. I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with. I will show you my first card tomorrow.

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