Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sea Cadets and Top Note bottle hangers

Well unfotunately the weather was not brilliant yesterday and we didn't have a very good turn out at the Sea Cadet fund raiser. The tombola and food went down well but I was looking after the toy store and my cards and it was very quiet, I think Jessie my daughter was the biggest buyer at the toy store! I managed to sell a few cards but have lots and lots left for next time.
I made some bottle hangers using the top note die, using cardboard as backing, cork sheets, embossing metal and funky foam as well as my usual craft supplies - the big shot is a recyling machine.
I made this one using love letter DSP and artistic etchings stamp set, I tried stampin on metal, I used basic black ink and it worked fine but took a long time to dry, I now have some stazon cleaner so I will try stazon next time.

I love the big shot it uts and embosses thin metal so easily, here's another one, the embossing folder I used isn't a Stampin Up one but I can't wait to buy the vintage wallpaper embossing folder to try in it, I think it will look gorgeous.

I made the butterfly using the butterfly punch, it had no problem cutting it, I embossed it using some embossing tools but yoou our use an old ball point pen. Emboss/draw on the back using an old pen, rest the metal on something with a little give, I used a srap piece of cork sheet. You can also pierce it with your pierer but do that from the front. 

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